Use Bright Tape To Quickly Identify Metric And SAE Tools

Home blog Unclutterer has a great way to quickly figure out of your wrenches or sockets are metric or SAE: wrap a line of brightly coloured electrical tape around the handles of all the metric or all the SAE tools. When you're looking for a specific tool this method can eliminate half the potential tools you're looking through to find the right one.

Photo by Emilian Robert Vicol.

You can also use this method with screwdrivers by picking one colour of tape for slotted, another for torx, a third for Phillips, etc. Any other suggestions for other things this method could be used to help sort? Post them below in the comments.

Easily identify metric and SAE tools with red electrical tape [Unclutterer]


    I use a dob of coloured paint on the handle (both sides) or other easily seen place on the tool. It doesn't get dirty or sticky like tape does, especially if it get a little fuel on it - just wipes clean. Learned this one from the old man. ;)

      Yeah I tried using this idea to put the size of the spanner/socket because I thought it would save me using my reading glasses, but as you rightly point out grease and oil quickly put paid to that! #]

    SAE live in the left drawer and metric like in the right drawer or are out on the bench/wall/top of the tool box

    Using colour (either by tape or paint) is also useful for labeling hex keys by their size. I use this method for my push bike maintenance.

    Buy 2 cans of spray paint, it lasts longer

      Definitely. It doesn't get all soft and sticky either, which insulation tape tends to do with heat and age.

    Use highlighters to highlight.

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