TweetSpeaker For iPhone Reads Tweets Out Loud

If you've heard about Siri, Apple's new voice-activated personal assistant for iPhone, and you wish more apps would speak aloud to you, TweetSpeaker is a new Twitter client for iPhone that will do just that. The app has easy-to-understand controls, and will read your stream, mentions, lists or direct messages out loud to you.

TweetSpeaker supports AirPlay, so you can start it and let it read your stream to you through another set of speakers or your home entertainment system and the app understands Twitter terms like "retweet" when it sees "RT". Here's a video demo of the app in action.

If you're addicted to Twitter and wish there were a way to check it while running or on a long drive without actually touching your phone, TweetSpeaker can help. It's $2.99 in the iTunes App Store.

TweetSpeaker [iTunes App Store via TheNextWeb]


    Why not just turn on the built in accessibility functions in the iPhone? Don't waste your money on this app!

    Boris you have obviously not checked out the app. This is way beyond the accessibility functions that are a chore to use and apply to all apps. This app is set up on a timeline and lets you hit play on your twitter timeline and it auto plays all of your timelines tweets in a row. If you leave it open it will also play new tweets as they come in. It's like a live podcast of your tweets. I won't use it every day but it's worth the few bucks.

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