TravelSIM Offering A Dual-SIM Phone Bundle

TravelSIM Offering A Dual-SIM Phone Bundle

One of the challenges of using an alternative SIM for cheaper calls when travelling overseas is that you have no way of tracking calls or texts on your standard SIM. TravelSIM is about to start selling a bundle which includes a dual-SIM mobile phone, meaning you can use your additional SIM for cheap outgoing calls while still keeping track of incoming calls on your main account.

The $129 package, which will be sold through Australia Post outlets from October 31 until the end of the year, includes the Samsung [email protected] Dual SIM phone, which has quad-band support and isn’t locked to any network, plus a TravelSIM Starter Pack (which costs $49.95 purchased on its own). Early purchasers also get an Energizer portable charger thrown in.

That solution still won’t be for everyone, especially those of us who can’t imagine life without a smartphone. However, it’s easier to have a dual-SIM phone than travel with two handsets, which is how I’ve solved this problem in the past. Tempted by the thought of a dual-SIM phone when on the road? Tell us in the comments.


  • Isn’t this phone only a “standby” dual-SIM? With all of the quad-band 2G, penta-band 3G phones about to release (hello Galaxy Nexus) it’d be nice to see phone makers ignore the pressure from networks that have made dual-SIM phones a “niche” product, and release “active” dual-SIM phones – true world phones for those of us that travel – or just want the best deal from a combination of local carrier plans! (If the technology supports it…)

  • P.S. Yes, I’ll stick with 2 phones… I currently use a “dumbphone” Nokia 6085 with my Aussie SIM for important calls only to my usual number, and “smartphone” Nexus One with overseas SIM that includes data. Lugging around 2 phones is a bit of a hassle, though…

  • I use a dual-sim phone (the Huawei G6600D) to keep my work and personal numbers separate which allows me to at turn off at the end of the day.
    It would be nice to see more phone companies giving you this advantage.

    Any chance Lifehacker doing a review of the different dual-sims out there?

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