The One-Dock Home Screen

The One-Dock Home Screen

Reader jainer123 put together this good-looking home screen with a number of text widgets, with one single dock across the bottom for his favourite apps.

Jainer lists the tools he used to make this setup:


  • Looks slick, but you really need to put “Android” in the title so the iPhone guys don’t get confused and think its for their customisable interface 😉 *dig dig*

    • I’ll be called out for being butthurt or something like that, but there are a number of problems with this homescreen.
      1) the time appears twice.
      2) the battery percentage appears twice.
      3) the font is unreadable due to the clashing background.

      now if you have an iphone, you have the time in the centre up the top. the date is dynamic on your calendar app, which for most is already on your first “page”. if you slide down into you app drawer, your weather widget is there staring at you.

      two things that are useful here, the reminders and calendar appointments are persistent. however, if you swipe down the notifications drawer in iOS they are there, or if you press the icon the app will load near instantly

      Haxis of Evil, customising the android homescreen is all well and good, but the “static grid of icons” does the job elegantly too!

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