The iOS 5 Update May Kill Your Personal Hotspot

It doesn't seem to be a widespread issue — so far I've heard of it happening on Telstra iPhone 4S units, but it may go further — but it looks like the upgrade to iOS 5 may remove the personal hotspot feature entirely. Here's how to get it back. I've got to give thanks to Daniel Vooks (of for passing this one along. Not just because it's useful information, but because restoring an iPhone 4S last night with a Telstra SIM in it made the same thing happen to me. Over the weekend, Daniel upgraded to iOS 5. Alongside all the shiny new features he noticed that something was missing; the personal hotspot feature that was present previously. He did something brave — he phoned Telstra support to sort out the issue. Not always the smoothest procedure, but he's shared the details of what worked for him with me, which means none of the rest of us have to spend hours waiting on hold. Thanks (of a sort) to my own 4S doing the same thing last night, I can screenshot the procedure for you.

Hey, where's my hotspot gone?

Guess I'd better head into settings

And then network. In my case, all that was needed was to switch the hotspot back on, but Daniel's case was more severe.

The hotspot flag wasn't even there. Telstra advised him to reset the phone's carrier network settings.

Then reboot, reconnect to 3G and/or WiFi and head back into settings, then network. Personal hotspot should have reappeared.

So all you've got to do is switch it on.

I can now continue to hotspot away to my heart's content.

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    There's another fullproof way.

    Settings->General->Reset->Reset Network Settings.

      I lost the Personal Hotspot feature when I installed the iOS 5 GM about two weeks ago. After a bit of searching, I found a source that suggested the same approach in this article. I've been happily using Personal Hotspot and iOS 5 ever since!

      For the record, it's not just the new iPhone 4S that is affected; I'm using an iPhone 4 32GB on a Telstra Business plan.

        it is not working on my phone4. Model A1332 EMC380B. STUPID IOS5.

        I was cursing and swearing about my iPhone 4 32G on the Telstra business not able to hotspot until I came across Scott's comments on top, and the reset worked !!!!!!


          November 4, 2011 at 12:04 PM

          it is not working on my phone4. Model A1332 EMC380B. STUPID IOS5.
          i have the same model A1332, do this to activate your hotspot

          setting>general>network>cellular datanetwork>(scroldown)internet tethering>enter APN (most time APN name is your provider and password is internet)

      Upgraded to 5.0.1. Lost Personal Hotspot connectivity. Performed: Settings->General->Reset->Reset Network Settings. Awesome!! Everything is back

    Since the iOS5 update my iPhone 4 has had hotspot issues too. Last night the phone entirely shut down when trying to upload a PDF attachment via email. I tired putting it on a FTP, same thing. Phone literally turned off, then restarted with the hotspot still on when it was back up, however the hotspot then wouldn't work unless I turned it off and back on. I ended up sending the PDF fine from another persons Internet connection and computer so it wasn't the file. I've always had issues with my hotspot stopping working, if no device is connected to it for a few minutes it seems to stop working entirely. If I go into it, it still shows as on but wont work until I turn it off an on again. But this new issue is much worse. Highly annoying as I use my 3G data plan and hotspot to create a wireless network at home and it is our sole Internet connection for 2 iPhones, a mac and an iPad.

      My hotspot shows up on my iPad as being on but the Internet will not work

    my "personal hotspot" hasn't been up for years.

    Awesome! Worked perfectly for me on my factory unlocked iPhone 4.

    Help! I used the personal hotspot connection for the first time last night and have used 134% of my 2GB monthly u think it's from streaming tv over hotspot? I'm with Telstra.. Just updated my iPhone 4 today..

      Streaming tv on 3G? Yeah, it's probably from that.

    Works! Thanks

    Thanks, LifeHacker. Works OK on the upgraded iPhone 3. Still have not managed to get the wifi hotspot working on the iPhone 4, but at least the Bluetooth works & I can het to the Interwebs again.

    Upgraded my iPhone 3GS to iOS5, then iOS5.0.1 and:
    1. Lost all my contacts and could only find a backup from May even though iTunes always assured me it was doing backups.
    2. Lost my personal hotspot. BUT, not as described here, seems fine on phone, but connector on my Win 7 machine is not working, thinks it's an ethernet adaptor and insists network cable is unplugged and assures me it'll work fine when I plug it in. (I am connecting phone --> PC via USB.)
    This Apple stuff is often really dodgy, I get so sick of all the crap about "it just works!" No, it works a lot of the time just like any other tech stuff.
    Oh, insult to injury, when I ran out of help tree options on Apple's site, in the next step, they suggested I might like to pay them a fee to fix it.
    Gee, that's an upgrade I'm really glad I accepted.

    I saw the Network reset settings but was too scared to touch it until I read the Lifehacker forum dudes. The visual aids provided were so ridiculously helpful, I had the problem fixed in a squat. Why doesn't the iPhone come with an instruction manual or troubleshooter page?(Is that like asking why can't the government just print more money?) Some people still look at paper and still read instructions! Poop! Fixed now. Yay!! ...and Eckythump; it probably never was.

    Whoa... !! Found missing hotspot on my iphone4 after changing name and reset....Finally...after 2 days of mental glad I came to this page, thanks a ton

    In my case the Personal Hotspot appeared in Settings->General->Network but was grayed out and had its round cursor always circling.
    All I had to do was to phone customer service for my carrier and say I wanted to use this feature. They configured something into the GSM network and after a Network Reset I have it functional. Worth a try.

    Thank you so much, as I couldn't find the hot spot feature since up grading from the iPhone 3 to iPhone 4S.
    Every easy for me to locate and use:
    Setting>General>Network>Personal Hotspot>On

    This really worked for me I did the network reset but it didn't show up so I went on the Cellular data settings > Internet tethering > I put up my providers settings then I went back to settings now I just got the personal hotspot back on!!!

    I did the network reset but it didn't show up so I went on the Cellular data settings > Internet tethering > I put up my providers settings then I went back to settings now I just got the personal hotspot back on!!!


    I am using iPhone-4s, after approach above steps still could not get back Hot spot. Any other suggesion let me know.


    But what im supposed to do, when i dont see even after "reset network settings" internet thetering or personal hotspot as well?? Cellular data settings includes only cellular data apn etc & mms settings. Jailbreaked iOS5.0.1 , BB 02.10.04, iphone 4 16gb

    Hi guys, I don't have the 'personal hotspot' icon either......I've done the 'Reset Network Settings' but that hsan't it because my iPhone 4 is 4.2.1??? If so, how do I update to 4.3? I've synced my phone as recently as last week, and don't recall seeing anything about installing version 4.3

    same issues faced by martin.. exactly the same.. did the the network reset but still the personal hotspot is missing.. have a gevey sim unlocked, iphone 4, ios 5.0.1,bb2.10.04.. pls help.. desperatley in deed for personal hotspot.. :(

    I did the reset and all the above and still doesn't work. What I noticed just now when I plugged the phone to my PC the hotspot works. Now that I have unplugged, it's not working again. Please help!!! I need my hotspot!

      go to cellular data and in APN type your carrier.internet ie for telstra it is telstra.internet leave username and pass blank then it should appear worked for me

    I've spent the DAY with AT&T and Apple but NO PERSONAL HOTSPOT on a 4 with iOS

    Nothing suggested here works. My condolences to all the others with the same problem.


    !!! ONAVO APP DID IT !!!

    Found this on CJNet:

    Attention *** Attention. I found a solution to my problem and you may want to check your phone for a similar issue. (see my previous two posts).

    After trying what seemed to be every type of reset on my phone (4S 64GB, iOS 5.0.1), I decided to go screen by screen, item by item, trying to find a solution. I came across an app that I added to help me save on my data usage. I downloaded and applied an app called Onavo - Data Usage, Get More Out of Your Mobile Data Plan (created by GoDaddy.)

    This program replaced the factory profile and entered a proprietary profile. This new profile shrinks your data usage by compressing all data. I added this to help keep my data usage as low as possible. The claim was that it could possibly double your data usage and who wouldn't like to turn a 4 GB plan into 8 GB? And I can tell you this, it apparently works because I have not even come close to my 4 GBs in my first month even with lots of usage which includes streaming music and movies. (At T-Mobile I had an unlimited plan but no longer so I know I am a heavy user). Once I removed this app it reverted the profile back to the factory profile and guess Personal Hotspot reappeared.

    So, if you added an app to help with data usage, remove it and see if your Personal Hotspot reappears. Hope this helps!


    I did as this guy did and the WIFI Hotspot is back !

    1 - Delete ONAVO Press down on Onavo Icon until it "jumps" then hit X. (Remove check in iTunes Apps section so it's not re-installed.)

    2- Go to SETTINGS, GENERAL, PROFILE (bet it says ONAVO)
    "Remove" ONAVO

    3- Hold down both buttons on the phone until it resets.

    When the phone came back on, I had PERSONAL HOTSPOT on the NETWORK page !!!

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