The iAndroid Home Screen

Reader TapasEaswar created this iPhone-looking home screen with the help of the previously mentioned MIUI ROM and a few UI tweaks.

TapasEaswar explains his setup quite well, so we'll just leave it to him:

Let's start off by saying that I own an HTC Desire not running Stock Android nor the Sense UI. I got bored of both of them really fast so I moved over to and I haven't looked back.

Currently, I'm running version 1.7.22 of MIUI, with the Extended Settings Mod. This mod is really cool because by default the ROM will show your carrier's name in the notification bar, much like iOS does. And unlike Cyanogenmod, by default you can't hide the time from your notification bar. Using this Mod (flashing the .zip file like anything else through recovery) will change that. Oh, and it will also allow you to disable wallpaper scrolling because in MIUI by default you do not have that option available to you.

The icons are part of the QQ Theme, which can be found using the theme engine inside of MIUI.

The homescreen wallpaper I found using Lifehacker, in the minimalism edition of Wallpaper Wednesday.

The dock that the icons are sitting on at the bottom can once again be found using the MIUI theme engine, but it is in Chinese, so you might have some difficulty finding it. The slide down lock screen (not shown, mildly almost kinda sorta NSFW) is called Dark White, which can be found also in the MIUI Theme Engine, or over here if you want the actual .mtz file.

The clock is a part of MIUI as well. Using this ROM I'm not really restricted in what I'm able to do, which is good because I seriously dislike having to install third party applications if I'm able to do it right out of the box itself.


    You know you can hide the time in Cyanogenmod by going to Settings > Cyanogensettings > Interface > Status Bar Tweaks then disabling the SHOW CLOCK select box.

    You could have done all of this in Cyanogenmod and wouldn't have needed to figure out Chinese in the process.

    Except miui's launcher functions far closer to the iPhone home screen than any other android launcher I've experienced.

    Meh, I'll pass on this hack thanks. It's like like buying a Ferrari, then trying to make it look like a Holden Barina.

      Haha. yup!

      LOL! You sure showed those iPhone users who's the superior one eh. They'll rue the day they ever looked at you the wrong way.

    Best way to make your Android home screen look like an iPhone is just open your application draw. voila!


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