Text 2 Folder Creates Many Folders At Once

Text 2 Folder Creates Many Folders At Once

Text 2 Folder is a simple, portable app that creates multiple nested folders. All you need to do is create a text file with the folder structure you plan on using and feed both that file and the root folder path to Text 2 Folder. If you need to create a lot of folders at once it can save a decent chunk of time.

This app is the fruit of software development site DonationCoder. The forums on this site have a section for custom-made freeware ideas. The original purpose for Text 2 Folder was to help a photographer organise his photos by client, but it would seem to work well anytime a new file folder setup is required.

Text 2 Folder is a freeware app available from the developer’s site at the below link.

Text 2 Folders [Skywire Empire via Cybernet News]


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