Telstra Ultimate Gateway Is A Wi-Fi And Ethernet 3G Hotspot

Telstra Ultimate Gateway Is A Wi-Fi And Ethernet 3G Hotspot

Telstra already has a consumer hotspot using its Ultimate Next G network, but business users might find its limitations on number of devices connected a challenge. The Ultimate Gateway allows up to 16 users to connect via either Wi-Fi or Ethernet, making it potentially appealing for locations such as tradeshows or remote offices.

The gateway costs $399 outright, and is also available bundled with a bunch of Telstra’s business 3G plans. Unlike the Wi-Fi only hotspot, there’s no battery, so you will need a power outlet. There’s also two USB ports to allow you to share access to printers or drives. It’s not a solution for individual mobile travellers, but for business teams on the road it’s an interesting option.



  • Check out these upload speeds (copied from the specs page on Telstra’s site):

    “Ranging from 300Mbps up to 3Mbps in all capital cities and many metropolitan and regional areas”

    I guess that’s a typo then. 🙁

    • It could be to do with cpu’s capacity for encryption, or memory to store IPs/mac addresses. Or the fact 3G is almost useless with 16 IPs trying to use the internet at once.

      Tbh i don’t think I’ve ever had more than 8 devices connect to a wireless network

  • Beware, The Telstra web site and the box the device comes in says you can share printers or drives via the 2 USB ports, but this is not the case. We could not share a printer or USB hard drive. Telstra support advised us that the USB ports were for connecting an antenna?? and that you cannot connect and share USB drives using this device. Telstra need to update the website to reflect this reduced functionality.

  • Why is this only available to business customers? Our satellite modem is dead so we were looking for alternatives and the only one is Telstra Mobile broadband. The problem is they have stopped offering the elite gateway and the ultimate gateway is for business only. We have eight devices that connect via wifi and one WD mybook live NAS that connects to our home network with gigabit LAN.

    If we were to get the wifi hotspot we could only connect five devices at a time and it would be difficult to use our NAS.

    Our only option appears to be to get a 4G usb modem and share the internet connection via a server, which is a hassle.
    Please, Telstra, make this product available for non-business purposes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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