Telstra To Sell iPad 2; Pre-Orders Open

Just in case you thought there were;t enough places to buy an iPad2, Telstra is taking pre-orders for iPad2. Customers can register their interest to receive more information about in-store availability and pricing by heading to Telstra's website. [Telstra]


    Am I missing something here. The Ipad2 was released Eons ago. Is this ground hog day?

    I wonder if they're going to charge extra?

      You wonder if there are going to charge extra? Let's see... Is this Telstra? Check. Is this Australia? Check. Is this an electronic device? Check.

      Get ready to pay at least double...unless you sign up for a 24month contract of course.

    Was thinking the exact same thing.

    Is there a typo?

    Eh?? i got my ipad 2 last month in Melbourne... What gives??

      It’s Telstra they are a bit slow. But at least they are trying!

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