Telstra Simplicity Prepaid Dumps Flag Fall, Costly For Data

We already have to contend with a bewildering array of prepaid plans from major carriers, and Telstra calling its new offer Simplicity doesn't actually help with that. Call and text rates for the new plan are cheaper than Telstra's recent offers, but as ever, you need to check the details carefully.

Calls to Australian numbers (mobiles or landlines) cost 15 cents per minute or part thereoff, with no flagfall. Australian texts are 12 cents, while international texts are 20 cents. Calls to some international destinations are cheap — 15 cents per minute to the UK or US — but still potentially expensive for others. Data is also not particularly generous, at 10 cents per megabyte.

Telstra boasts that the new plan has extended expiry periods ($30 gets 60 days, $50 100 days and $100 180 days). That said, its existing Long Life option does rather better than that ($60 gets you a full year) if your main focus is an account that doesn't expire rather than one in active use.



    wow, almost worth swapping over, quite competitive

      Telstra for the win! :)

    Well I guess for some people with no data requirements its not a very bad plan to have.

    The data cost is equivalent to Virgin's add-on price ($5=50mb) but Virgin charge in 60kb blocks. Virgin to Virgin text is free, too.

    Other than those points, the plan is pretty good, especially when factoring in the random flakiness of the Virgin (Optus) network. Disappearing MMSs anyone?

    We used to have a regulator who tried to prevent companies from engaging in misleading and deceptive conduct. I wonder whatever happened to those guys?

    Seriously - Require all providers to charge no flagfall and bill calls per second, bill data per kb. Anything else is misleading conduct.
    With that single stroke, we could end the madness - Phone providers would hate it, but con artists usually get upset when you bust up their racket.

    Seems good. The Vodafone 365 day prepaid deal has ridiculous prices:
    -39c per 30 seconds + 35c connection fee
    -28c per TXT
    -Mobile Internet: $2 per MB, charged per 25KB

    Telstra's prices are close to Amaysim's:
    -Standard calls: 15c per min
    -Standard SMS: 12c per SMS
    -Data: 5c per MB with unlimited national access to social networks
    -90 day expiry

      That is why i am with telstra, and convincing my mates to come accross as well!

    I was actually having a look at these today, I didn't realise that it was a new plan. Does anyone know where I can find the rates for the Long Life recharges? (I looked on the website and couldn't find it, whereas I could find the rates for every other plan.)

    As hinted at in the article, having a Telstra account (with a blue tick NextG phone for when I need it) is my main goal, I'm on Virgin most of the time (and most of the time I can get reception.)

    That is pretty much the same deal that Amaysim offers, except data is 5c/mb (charged in mb block). And any recharge amount lasts 90 days. Still a good deal considering the better coverage and speed on Next G.

    I think if they could bundle in unlimited Facebook and twitter with such pricing they could have a real winner. Whilst it is not the cheapest it is very close. The per MB data is a little disappointing though.

    Telstra Long Life costs are 40c per 30 seconds (or part) + 35c connection fee. See all other rates.

    I think this plan is well set out, it clearly states the charges, how it will be billed in terms of time per call, price of texts, recharge period for each dollar amount and NO flag fall charge.

    You can go online or via SMS and obtain your balance, call history, recharge, etc. I think Telstra has sharpened the pencil with this plan, and offers good value for money for people, like me, that actually make phone calls and not use mobile online services.

    I was using the Telstra "My Account" service and noticed you could buy a data pack to go with the plan. I have no interest in this option but thought I would just add the comment for these that need cheaper data. See the "Purchase Plus Pack" section of the "My Account" page. You need to register for "My Account".

    I put my partner's and my phone on this plan yesterday. I was on a Telstra post paid service, this will cut by bill by 50%. I requested Telstra to disable the data component of the plan on both phones, it was done immediately.

    Happy customer :-)

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