Supermarket Shopping App Roundup

While bricks and mortar retailing might be under threat, supermarkets are embracing the online age with smartphone apps that help you create a shopping list and find a supermarket. Here's our round-up of what's on offer.

1 - ALDI

Platforms: iOS, Android


Feature Summary: Weekly specials, the ability to create shopping lists and the location of the nearest store.

2 - Coles

Platforms: iOS


Feature Summary: Recipes, shopping lists, specials and nearest store. Barcode scanning makes it easy to add items to your list.

3 - Coles Express

Platforms: iOS


Feature Summary: Store locator, fuel finder, vehicle log book and a game.

4 - Drakes

Platforms: iOS


Feature Summary: Store locator, Catalogue, shopping lists and specials. An interesting extra is a jump to the job vacancies at your local store.

5 - IGA

Platforms: iOS


Feature Summary: Shopping list, store locator and recipes

6 - Woolworths

Platforms: iOS, Android


Feature Summary: Catalogue, shopping lists with barcode scanning, recipes, store finder and fuel vouchers.


    Missed the nicest feature of the Woolworths app, which is that it sorts your shopping list by which aisle each item is in in your local store.

    If they just added a qr code at the bottom of the receipt, you'd be able to easily scan in the entire shopping order then add your favourites. Or do 3 shopping trips and it could begin to work out what you buy most often.

      You can enter your Everyday Rewards number into the Woollies app, and it then gives you a custom list of discounted items that you've bought before, each week. Kind of creepy, actually.

    What ever happened to Parcel Pickup in grocery stores? What would be nifty is if you could make your order and then go and pick it up. I've never been able to use online ordering of groceries due to the delivery times they offer but what would be cool is if you could use an app like this to collect your list as you go about your day, for the whole week, then once you've collected a bunch of things in your list and you're ready, just hit the button to buy it. Then you have the option of home delivery or parcel pickup at an arranged time.

      Coles offer exactly that service, and they don't even charge for it at the moment. It's called "Click and Collect" and it works surprisingly well.
      Unfortunately you need to order before 11am for afternoon pickup, so you can't do your grocery shopping on the train on the way home, but you *can* do it on the way *to* work.

        Click and collect is only available at a few stores, unfortunately.

    Its a shame all of these companies reject WP7 :(

    Coles express app is available for android.

    But it is just as crap.

    Fuel finder, tells you stations that sell certain fuels but not the price.

    The 'Drakes' app is available for Android too

    Shame they couldn't come up with a concept where you could scan the items as you pick them off the shelf then just transfer that list at the checkout to pay for them. Just throw your basket on the scales or something and go.

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