SunSmart App Adds Sunscreen Calculator

We told you about the Cancer Council's SunSmart iOS app almost a year ago. A recent update to the app adds a sunscreen calculator, suggesting how much sunscreen you need based on your size and the amount of clothing you're wearing.

As a rule of thumb, you should be generous with sunscreen: full body coverage for a typical adult requires around 35 mls. But if you want more exact figures, the app is a neat way of finding out what you need. It's a free download for iOS users.

SunSmart [iTunes App Store]


    Does it take into account hairy legs? Mine takes about half a litre of sunscreen.

    What a stupid and useless function. Nobody buys sunscreen by the millilitre, nor puts it in a measuring cup before applying it to their skin.

      While I agree, its probably used to make people think about actually applying sunscreen (it's on your desktop), or making it a talking point among 13 year old girls with iphones.

      They probably could have made an app with a few addictive "flash-style" games and had the same effect.

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