Store Saucepan Lids Inside Your Cabinet Doors

Store Saucepan Lids Inside Your Cabinet Doors

Saucepan lids help your food heat up faster and keep your stovetop splatter-free, but they’re also a huge pain to store. Lifehacker reader Hypargus uses a few inexpensive L-screws to create space-efficient storage inside a cupboard door.

The process is extremely simple: Trace your lid(s) on the inside of your cupboard door, screw your hooks in on both sides of the outline (about a quarter of the way up from the bottom), and you’re done. I’ll let Hypargus explain (note that he uses the US terminology “pot covers”, which are not in fact re-recorded reggae tracks):

I wanted to find a space efficient way to store the fitted pot covers that go with my pots. I found a number of solutions on Amazon, but most of them involved some sort of a rack that you are supposed to either keep on a counter or which will occupy an entire shelf in the cupboard.

So I decided to do it myself. My solution: a couple of 2 cent L-screws strategically placed in the cupboard door next to my stove. Now I can store my pot lids in an orderly, space efficient way and have easy access to them (with one hand) while cooking.

You can find the square screw hooks at nearly any hardware store.


  • I like this. Usually my lids aren’t an issue as I leave them on the pots and pans to which they belong.

    Then again, if I wanted to stack the pots to save cabinet floor space, this idea could help me do that, so yay.

    Also, from both the Before and After photos, you can see there are lids still left over, on the top shelf. It seems you never have enough space for things like this, ever. 🙂

  • Considering those are glass lids, this is a great way to sore them, my big steamer has one and I’ll definitely be doing this. Otherwise I hang my pots from hooks and the edge of the lid will catch a hook no problems so I can store them side by side! #]

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