Store Plants On A Pegboard To Save Floor Space

Store Plants On A Pegboard To Save Floor Space

One of the biggest problems with moving a garden indoors, or just having plants in general, is finding a place to keep them. Gardening blog Beneath the Red Hat’s solution is to store them on pegboard, which keeps them visible and off the floor.

While the original suggestion is to use the pegboard as cheap shelving for the pots themselves, you can also use it as a place to keep hanging plants if you don’t want to drill a bunch of holes in the ceiling. You’ll need a wall close to a window for this to work, but it beats keeping them on the floor.

Pegboard is great for organising tools too, so you should be able to trick it out for year-round usage with a little planning.

Going to New Heights to Maximize Your Garden [Beneath the Red Hat via Apartment Therapy]


  • This is something that blew me away when I travelled to Canada- of course everyone has to start their gardens all over again after winter, because the snow knocks everything out.

    My yard in Australia has had the same plants in it for ages!

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