Store Peanut Butter On Its Side To Make Stirring Easier

When you pop open a jar of natural peanut butter, it often seems all of the oil has separated to the top, which makes it difficult to stir back in. On a recent episode of the Spilled Milk podcast, Molly Wizenberg offers up the simple solution of leaving it on its side.

The idea is that when the oil is coating the side of the jar, it makes for easier stirring, since you're working it in horizontally, as opposed to trying to mash the oil back down into the jar.

Episode 49: Peanut Butter [Spilled Milk Podcast via The Kitchn]


    You don't need to do this. When you get the peanut butter home, open it, mix completely (I use a table knife). When it is all well blended stick in the refrigerator. Done. If there is any oil separation it will be minimal and easy to stir back in. Really =)

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