Store Appliances In Old Pillowcases To Avoid Dust Buildup

Dust is bad for any machine, whether it's your computer's insides or a simple stand mixer. To avoid dust buildup on your seldom-used appliances, weblog Unplggd recommends storing them in protective pillowcases.

As much as we love our multitasking kitchen appliances, there are a few things that just won't see the light of day that often. Luckily, there's an easy solution to that dust they collect:

As [appliances]sit forgotten on top of the fridge or on a closet shelf, they're also collecting massive amounts of dust. Dust that can cause overheating and cut your appliance's lifespan.

You could go buy a specially-manufactured cover for each of your unitaskers-or go the home hack route and grab for the nearest set of linens. A pillowcase will fit over most of your small appliances and does a good job at keeping your tech dust and dirt free.

This can apply to any mechanical device too, not just kitchen appliances. Got five printers you never use? A sewing machine you only break out when you rip your pants? Stick 'em all in a pillowcase. Hit the link to read more.

Use Pillowcases to Store Small Appliances [Unplggd]


    Surely it would make more sense to put them in a cupboard? We certainly don't want daggy looking pillow cases cluttering up the kitchen. This isn't so much a 'Life Hack' as a silly waste of time.

      Um... the last time I checked things in cupboards still collect dust.

        Um. nowhere near as much as on top, particularly with the doors shut! That's one of the many reasons they put doors on cupboards.

          What are the other reasons they put doors on cupboards?

            Pretty sure you can figure that one out by yourself,mmmK

          So people don't walk past and see your porn collection in plain sight, there's a door blocking their view. Simple to work out really.

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