Stop Firefox From Greying Out URLs In The Navigation Bar

Stop Firefox From Greying Out URLs In The Navigation Bar

Newer versions of Firefox grey out any text in the URL bar that isn’t the domain of the site you’re on. If this bugs you, you can turn it off with a simple about:config tweak.

To make URLs appear as straight black text, just open up a new tab and type about:config in the address bar. Promise Firefox you’ll be careful, then search for the browser.urlbar.formatting.enabled setting. Double-click on it to change it to “False”, and close that tab. Your URLs should now appear without any of the grey text.


  • Of all the morose copy-cat changes Firefox has made this is right up there with the most pathetic. Mozilla calls it ‘highlighting domain’ whereas every other person with half a brain calls it ‘obscuring URLs’. Surely their design crew can create an effect similar to the GTK and Windows Explorer buttonizing of folders in paths. Highlight the domain, just do not obfuscate everything else!

    Unfortunately this sort of development seems to come from some ludicrous ‘out there’ thinking that sees the location bar and URLs vanishing altogether. FFS, just because typing URLs into a mobile browser is a nightmare, do not stop every desktop user from enjoying the rich functionality that the location bar and URLs have provided for 15 years+ !

  • The changes they have made to firefox over the past year have pretty much all been negative. I only use it for development because of the development addon. Outside work, I use safari. it’s much faster and less retarded.

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