Soften Up Your Dry Hair And Skin With Mayonnaise

Soften Up Your Dry Hair And Skin With Mayonnaise

If you’ve got straw hair or elephant elbows the easiest solution might not be much farther than your refrigerator. Instructables user wilgubeast points out that mayonnaise is an excellent softener of both dry hair and skin.

Yes, this is gross, but before you knock it take a minute and think about what comprises mayonnaise. It’s primarily made of eggs, oil and water (plus a little lemon). Oil is commonly known to be good for dry anything. Eggs are also used to treat dry skin and dry hair. The water doesn’t matter much one way or the other and lemon juice can add shine to your hair. If you think about the benefits mayonnaise provides, you’re probably better off putting it on your head and body than actually eating it. (It is pretty fatty after all.)

So how do you use it? Wilgubeast says that dry hair is remedied by combing in at least a tablespoon of mayonnaise and letting it hang out on your head for about an hour. After that you can wash it out with a mild shampoo and your hair should be considerably softer. When it comes to skin, rub a little on your rough patch and leave it for 10-15 minutes. When the timer dings, buff it out with a cloth and put your regular skin moisturiser on the area to lock in the softness.

This may not be the most appealing cure, but it’s definitely a much cheaper and more natural alternative to the pricey skin products you’ll find in stores.

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  • Another cheap moisturiser is coconut oil found in health food shops. It’s the same thing as the coconut butter found in cosmetics. You can usually get a small jar for about $7, but what makes it cheap as a moisturiser is that you don’t have to use much. Less than a 5c coin-sized piece will do your legs, even less for your face.

    Also, it tastes yummy!

    • I didn’t realise there was such a demand for moisturisers and conditioners you can eat. Why have the big players all ignored the ‘edible cosmetics’ market?

      I’m personally looking forward to candied nail polish the most.

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