Siri: What Is It Good For? [Video]

OK, I had my fun with Siri last week testing the limits of its Australian accent recognition. Time to get down to more serious work — what can you actually use Siri for?

Siri's a voice system with some attitude, and it's certainly one you can have a certain amount of fun with — although I'd suggest working out what's actually acceptable in public places in terms of talking to your smartphone first.

That aside, what can you actually use Siri for? I've highlighted some of the basics, some of the hidden tweaks and how you can opt to make Siri locked down and secure or totally open.

There's still no explicit word on when exactly Siri will get local navigation features; when I met with Apple representatives on Friday they said there was no announced plans, although Apple's own Siri FAQ suggests that

Maps and local search support will be available in additional countries in 2012.

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    Absolutely nothin'! Say it again, y'all.

      Uh-huh. War! huh-yeah.

    Looks pretty clunky to me...and, despite what is actually relatively amazing, it looks frustratingly slow and inaccurate....kind of like call centre AVR systems.

    I'm finding Siri useful for dictating texts, tweets and short emails. Not by using the Siri interface, but by hitting the microphone icon on the keyboard in the relevant app text field.

    The recognition seems a lot better than Vlingo or Dragon Dictation, which I spent a bit of time with last week when they became fully free. The only painful bit is having to say all the punctuation. But at least it understands "full stop" so I don't have to feel like an idiot saying "period".

    I also plan on trying it out in the car as a hands free solution. But Siri won't read you your emails etc so I've also enabled Triple-click-Home to turn VoiceOver on so it'll read me my incoming messages as well. Haven't been on a long enough drive yet to try it out!

    I don't know. Why don't you ask it?

    I'm on my iPhone so I can't link to it, but there's a great tumblr called Shit Siri Says or something along those lines that answers your question :)
    Here it is.

    Siri is great for setting reminders, making appointments, setting alarms, setting timers, sending a quick text and for reading texts while driving or when walking when my phone is in my pocket and I am listening to the iPod.

    I expect Siri to get much more useful as time goes on, Remembering that Siri is in beta.

    I found this free iPhone app called Talkler that DOES read emails aloud, the way that Siri won't. I think it even understands spoken commands for hands-free. They call themselves 'email for your ears.' Here's the page for them: Hope that helps!

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