Shop For Shoes In The Afternoon To Find The Best Fit

Shop For Shoes In The Afternoon To Find The Best Fit

Clothing weblog Put This On recommend doing all your shoe-shopping after you’ve walked around for a few hours, to ensure you get the best-fitting shoes.

Photo by Marc Berry Reid.

Put This On explains:

Try doing your shoe shopping after 3pm. Feet swell after a bit of walking, so by trying on shoes in the late afternoon, you’ll ensure that you’ll get the most comfortable fit.

This is of course only true if you wake up in the morning and have done a bit of walking. If you don’t wake up until the afternoon, then you should just finish grad school.

It’s unlikely your feet are going to swell a whole shoe size, but if you’re on the verge of one size, this could easily be the difference between comfortable shoes and shoes that make your feet feel constricted.

Try Doing Your Shoe Shopping After 3pm [Put This On]


  • You should always make sure you can bring the shoes back (exchange or refund) if you get them home later and they don’t feel right.. regardless of what time of day you bought them. If a store doesn’t offer this, find another store.

    Also, make sure you bring along a pair of socks that you are likely to use with the shoes you are hunting for – otherwise you may not get the right fit when you bring them home (or consider picking up a new set of socks to go with the shoes.) Socks can make a real difference in fit – and function, depending on the activity you are doing..

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