Set Alarms Throughout The Day To Remind You To Drink Water

Oftentimes, working through a long day can make you forget basic necessities, like keeping yourself hydrated. Home and technology blog Unplggd suggests setting alarms throughout the day to remind you to drink some water.

Photo by: Yos C. Wiranata.

The idea is pretty simple, use your favourite alarm application on your phone to set daily reminders to get away from your desk, take down a glass of water and return to work. While many people are safe with drinking whenever they're thirsty, some might find it helpful to get a little push every two hours or so, especially if they're busy.

Tech Wellness Tip: Set Phone Alarms for Hydration Nudges [Unplggd]


    Clutter your desk, your car, your bedroom ... (fill in with your main working/staying area)... with bottles of water.

    The idea is to remind your sight of water.

      I live my life by the movie 'Signs', littering my house with half-empty glasses of water.

      When the hydrophobic aliens come, you and I will be prepared.

    I have a 1.5litre bottle that I have marked 1100-1300-1500hrs on so I know by that time I should have had that much whilst sitting at my desk. It's not all I drink during the day but a good guide for when you are busy....

    Drinking lots of water during the day is a myth! You don't need to constantly remind yourself to drink it, if you are thirsty your body will tell you! The only time you need to drink that much is when your body is under stress! #]

      Definitely agree with you here dude. People seem to blindly follow a golden rule of drink "x" litres of water a day, without taking into account various variables (such as body/muscle/fat mass, and local environment), or the fact that anything they eat or drink contains various amounts of water in it.

      I drink when I'm thirsty, and I haven't died once yet!

      For some reason unless I am working out, I don't feel thirst. So I need to have these reminders - I use an iPhone app called Annoyster, which randomly reminds me to drink water. It goes off twice every 90 minutes.

      I clutter my desk with multiple bottles of water as well.

    This guy must get really annoyed by his other alarms going off - "breathe in" "breathe out"...

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