Score Big Bargains On Wine By Buying So-Called Bad Years

Score Big Bargains On Wine By Buying So-Called Bad Years

Wine fans often point to specific vintages as “good” or “bad”, but wine experts will tell you that even though some years are known for bad grape harvests, you can’t make a blanket statement about all wines from a given year. That doesn’t change prices though, and if you shop for some of those “bad years”, you can find some delicious wines at great prices.Photo by Ed Clayton.

Over at Serious Eats, Jordan Mackay explains that he, along with a sommelier he worked with, have a soft spot in their hearts for those “bad years”, partially because they’re cheap, but also because they’re often ready to drink right now and don’t need to be cellared. Plus, the price point and variety of flavours means you can feel good about drinking a bottle on a weeknight instead of saving it for a special occasion like you would with a more expensive bottle of wine.

A lot of those “bad years” depend on the varietal of wine you’re interested in, so a little research may be in order to see what people have dismissed. Mackay does suggest 2008 wines from the Napa Valley, and 2009 Oregon Pinot Noirs, and offers more suggestions in his article. Those hints are US-centric, but the principle works worldwide. Hit the link below for more.

Wines from Bad Years are Secretly Delicious [Chow]

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