Properly Lock Your Bicycle By Knowing Which Parts Are Easy To Remove

Leaving a high-priced bike locked up in the city can often be a frightening task if you don't know how to do it properly. Thankfully, Bike Habitat's Hal Ruzal has a guide to not just locking up your bike, but blocking people from taking parts too.

While the bulk of the video talks about simple tricks like locking a U-lock through the frame and wheel and checking to make sure the pole you're locking to isn't movable, he has a few extra tips up his sleeve. One of the most handy is using extra bike chain to create a small lock system for you saddle and seat post (you can make this yourself by following this Instructable). He also recommends using pentagon-sized bolts for your wheels, and stuffing epoxy into the handlebar assembly so thieves can't easily loosen them.

How to Properly Lock Your Bicycle With a Bike Lock [YouTube via The Consumerist]


    Please note that your cruiser will not be apt to rust unless exposed to moisture for long periods of time.

    Try to avoid getting sand on the bike chain, and/or on the gear sprockets.

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