Paws For Life Schedules Regular Pet Food Deliveries

Paws For Life Schedules Regular Pet Food Deliveries

Good pet food isn’t cheap, and bulk bags of the premium stuff can also be a nuisance to lug home from the vet or pet store. Paws For Life lets you schedule a regular order of your furry friend’s favourite foodstuff, meaning you’ll never be racing off to the supermarket to grab an emergency can of food.

You can schedule a delivery for any interval between weekly and once every 16 weeks, as well as lodging a one-off order. Right now, the service is limited to NSW, Victoria and South-East Queensland.

If you have lots of pets, this could definitely be a handy option. Know of another useful online source for pet food deliveries? Share it in the comments.

Paws For Life


  • Hey, James from Paws For Life here.

    Possibly as a response to this post we have had a number of queries about cat food. We only have dog food on the site at the moment but are madly trying to get cat food up and it should be available by the end of the day.

  • James, you’re my kind of people. Was discussing online firewood orders just a few nights ago, having done the convenience store run for dogfood myself twice in the last week & I still didn’t make the connection. “Two Mouths” is the icing on the cake. *applauds*

    • Hey EckyThump,
      I’m really interested to know where you’re coming from?
      We have market leading prices on all our range, and free delivery to boot.

      Sure, we don’t compete well with supermarket brands. But I’m not prepared to put sub-standard products on my site that I would never feed my own dog.

      We’re trying to make great food affordable.

      • There is no proof that the products you sell are actually superior! I certainly don’t see why they would be so expensive compared to other brands, considering the manufacturing process is pretty much identical! I certainly haven’t seen any reason to buy such expensive products, whenever I take my dog to the Vet I have never been told that she really needs to be put on one of the expensive brands, as she is in perfect health without it! Granted I would never buy a home brand product, but I read the ingredients and I choose the ones that have a good blend. People will make up their own mind of course and I’m sure you will still make a living either way! The brand I use is adequate for my dogs needs, and she is doing well!

        • Hey EckyThump,
          The one thing we tell our customers time and time again is to read the ingredients list of the food you buy and then make a fully informed decision. At Paws For Life, we think transparency in the buying process is the aim.

          It sounds like you take a similar approach and have made a great decision for your dog. We are really pleased when we find consumers like you, it means people are considering their pet’s welfare.

          Personally I disagree with you on the quality question, but that’s ok. Everyone has a right to choose what to feed their own pet.

  • I think the prices are excellent. Having just paid $125 for Advance (15kg) locally which is 89.95 on the site.
    Pretty great solution for those of us living in rural areas.

  • Just had a quick browse on the website. Will defiantly be discussing this with the better half. Our Ragdoll has a sensitive tummy, so we feed her the Hills Science Diet in a can.
    These cost approx $2.80 from Big W and other pet stores and they do not offer any discounts for purchasing in bulk. Not to mention it is sometimes quite difficult to find a store with stock!
    Paws for life is so much cheaper!

  • Hi,

    This sounds like a fantastic service that has seen me add your company site to favourites but….. while
    I’m sure your company is reputable with a great team, but giving honest feedback as a potential customer I’m reluctant to buy as yet because the only contact there appears to be is via email.

    If there is no history of service I can check, no telephone contact numbers or address it leaves me feeling a bit vulnerable security wise.

  • @Eckythump (BillOddie stupid ), I’ve used cheaper supermarket dog foods for years and switched to using premium dog foods in the last two.
    I have no vested interest in telling you anything but what I found personally.

    I’ve used:
    Eukanuba; Advance; Royal Canin; Artemis

    My dogs preferred Artemis and Royal Canin (esp Royal Canin tastewise).

    I’m in the process of trialling one more brand before deciding on one permanently. It takes careful introduction of new foods, so it takes a little time.

    Being honest, on the premium dog food such as Artemis, I would use far less amount and get a lot better results contition wise than the supermarket versions.

    The only ‘cheaper’ version that was trialled by a family member with great success for amount used and dogs improvement of condition was Box 1 gold greyhound kibble and at approx $44.00 for 18kgs it is a good buy.

    Go too: for more info on dog foods.

    I guess some would also argue that a natural diet sans biscuits is more ideal too, it’s what works for you personally.

  • I can’t see an overview of my scheduled orders and I’m worried I’m going to be surprised with deliveries that i payed for that I don’t know about. It isn’t really explained.

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