Online Shopping Is Hitting Gaming Too

Online Shopping Is Hitting Gaming Too

We’re looking at the theme of retail transformation this week, and one area where change is clearly happening is gaming. A new report suggests that while almost half of Australians still purchase games from a local retailer, alternate options are growing in popularity.

According to the Digital Australia 2012 report, which was based on a survey of 1252 Australian households, 43 per cent of gamers purchase games from stores, 22 per cent buy from download stores, and 14 per cent use online stores to access games. Total sales of games in 2010 were $1.7 billion, so even 14 per cent is a healthy chunk of change. The average weekly spend on gaming was $29.

Obviously, this kind of shopping is not an either/or choice: some download games can’t be purchased in any other format, for instance. Right now, I feel I’ve got a better chance of finding a specialist games retailer in a shopping mall than a specialist music store. Ten years ago, the reverse was more likely.

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  • Unless it’s dirt cheap, I never buy my (PS3) games through a retail store — I always buy online. Usually via eBay

    Case in point was my purchase of Skate 3 earlier this year. EB Games wanted $80 for the game ($60 second hand). I got it, brand new, from the UK (PS3 games are region free) for $35 including shipping. That’s over 50% off.

    6 months on, I still play it and it works as well as the day I removed the shrinkwrap.

  • OzGameShop.. before I found out about them, even though I knew about PlayAsia, I still went to shops like JB to buy my games.. but since OzGameShop sells me games for the unmarked-up price with free delivery, it’s a no brainer really. For example, I have Skyrim preordered and get the same preorder bonuses as I would get in Australia for at least $20 less than any other store, both retail and online, in Australia. Even digital sales are more expensive.

  • I never buy PC games in stores anymore. I take a look at the prices at the local EB Games store and am just amazed at how much more expensive they are than Steam or other download services. Plus, it’s just way more convenient for me to have it on a cloud based service instead of losing the disc somewhere in the future.

    • but you can’t resell your disc-less games (if you ever decided to). I personally buy my games when they’re on special in the playsation store. Some times I regret what I buy (one of the prince of persia HD games for example), no refund, no resale :'(

        • Even Steam prices are shockingly expensive with regards to the newer, big publishing house titles.. Here’s a good website for comparing the differences in worldwide Steam prices:

          Admittedly, Steam have gotten better but there’s still some that make me scratch my head. For example, look at the price of Dead Space 2:

          AU$ 69.99
          US$ 19.99 » AU$ 19.99
          GBP£ 19.99 » AU$ 31.26

          That’s quite a difference.. and it’s not even a new game.

  • If a game is more than two months old I’ll just keep waiting until the price drops to something I am willing to pay. (usually around 35 dollars)

    There are very few games that I want to pay extra for the privilege of playing straight away (batman) otherwise ozgamershop is a winner.

  • I mainly buy second hand so until the online stores have second hand games they wont get my business.

    I only buy new if the price has come down heaps. Some of the online prices have almost got me to buy, but when i want a game i want it straight away i’m not prepared to wait. Maybe if they guaranteed next day delivery i might buy.

    • +1

      Exactly. The only downside with OzGameShop is the delivery time from UK. However it is more than worth it for the savings and they are genuine, sealed copies of the games.

  • PC games are barely stocked in retail stores.

    Console games are twice the price of the same game imported from the UK or US.

    Any doubt what went wrong here?

    Personally I only buy retail when I wanted a game for the release date. Anything else gets imported or bought from Steam (usually only on sale).

  • The problem when buying online from the uk is that some of the games are region locked whennplaying online. I’ve had a couple of games not work online bought from ozgameshop and That is alright for me as I don’t play much online but it’s something to think about.
    Also has anyone tried World of Warcraft from the UK. Does it work here in Aus?

    • That’s a good question, I think the UK might be the European license so you could only play on the European servers not the US/Oceania servers (which are still hosted in the US anyway)

      Best bet would be to just buy from the Blizzard store which will give you the copy for the area you want to play in. They’re cheap enough from Blizzard anyway and they’ll probably do a cheap exp pack special around Christmas anyway, Vanilla + first 2 exp for 5 bucks each like last year maybe.

  • The title shouldn’t be ‘Online Shopping Is Hitting Gaming Too’, it should be something more like, ‘Online Shopping Is Allowing Gaming To Thrive’.

    The shops have been ripping us off bad for much too long, it’s much easier and cheaper to download now days. What’s more is that there is now many more independent game developers who can be accessed online.

    It’s great!

  • Maybe they should think about dropping their ridiculous pricing. I bought FIFA 12 (Aus Edition) on PS3 for about $55 at and I have bought many other games and accessories from there in the past too.

    PS3 controller was $49. It is $99 in stores here

  • Bought FIFA12 from the UK in a deal, 3 pack of underwear and FIFA 12 Special edition 35 pound.

    $54 dollars, ten dollars cheaper than the eventual price here in Australia and I got a three pack of underwear that will come in handy with the time lost and washing left undone playing the game.

  • Guys. 1 word.

    I used to buy everything from ozgameshop, then found gamecafe and pretty much get everything from the hut now. Usually they are cheaper than ozgameshop.

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