Neiio Consolidates All Your Online Contacts For You To Send

Most of us have contacts scattered across various social networks and mailboxes. Until now, getting them all in one convenient place required awkward manual importing/exporting or using services that are only partially free. Web app Neiio is an elegant, smart and free solution.

Neiio supports importing contact information from Facebook, LinkedIn, Viadeo, Google, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail and Outlook (as well as external files and, in pro versions, Salesforce and Nelis XRM). And it can export your contacts to Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Outlook, vCards or Excel — or send the vCards to your mobile phone (Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7).

The fact that it does this so easily and supports multiple platforms for free is great just on its own, but Neiio really impresses with its intelligent organisation of your contacts before you export them. Using the "Clever Groups" automatic generation, Neiio can group your contacts into meaningful groups. In my tests, for example, it put my relatives on Facebook into one group and people I correspond to most there in another. You can, of course, consolidate all contacts from every network into one main list if you want or create your own groups. Additional filters include selecting only those contacts with full names, email addresses and/or phone numbers.

When trying the service, LinkedIn wasn't connecting for me, unfortunately, but the quick sending of groups to (and subsequent import into) my Android phone worked very smoothly.

If you want (finally) to merge all your contacts into one list, with as little effort and cost as possible, go take a look at Neiio.

Neiio [via Addictive Tips]


    There is a growing number of sites like this offering a valuable service, but really have no legs to stand on in terms of credibility. You are handing over hundreds of contact details to a random company.

    Looking at their site, their terms and conditions are in French. Doing a google translate, there is someone areas of question that regards to sharing email addresses for newsletter purposes that is an opt-out type of service. A direction english version would be the only way to verify this.

    Additionally, their appear to be using a French law passed in 1978 for the protection of data.

    I would be waiting for these guys to release a full product set to see how committed they are about the product before jumping straight in.

    just a thought.

    Certainly sounds like it will do what most want it to with contacts. How are they making money and do they keep a copy. Potential spam scam?

    Good Morning,

    Hello @Kanthan and @PrepaidPlans, thank for your comments I'm the CM of Neiio, so I will try to answer you as best as possible to give Neiio some credibility and to have a trustfull relationship with our users.

    So first we are a very small french company, and we move to fast from a private beta to a beta, we weren't ready for such a buzz. And it's true our website is not complete. We focused our works on the apply more than on the website. It's a lack of professionalism from our part.

    About your data, we don't sell database, you will not receive spam for viagra and so on... You couldn't read it because our TOS were in french but we clearly don't use for a commercial profit your data. We have now some TOS in english were it is written. About the law in 1978 it's the french law which protect the DATA, it's old but it's normal but there is also a organism which protect users called CNIL and the are very vigilant about the data collection, we are register to this organism.

    So how do we live, there is connector to professional CRM tool like Salesforce or Nelis and they are for professional who wants to socialize their CRM. These connector aren't free and this is our business model.

    The service as you can see now is the first step of a much more interesting and relevant service that we want create, so we don't want to disgust our user by spamming them or using the data, that would be a suicide.

    We are a very young team (average 24) and we are few (5 person) we try do to our best but we have made some mistakes and we will make other mistakes, so please be indulgent with us and give us your feedback, you can be sure we will examine them carefully to create a service you like!

    Feel free to contact us by mail:
    pierre (at) neiio (dot) com
    maxime (at) neiio (dot) com

    or by twitter @neiio or on our Facebook page "neiio"

    Have a good day

    Feel free

    i dont have any friends so i have no use for this.

    also, because of the above fact this service sucks and should be used by no one.

    I'm very excited about the possibilities of having this kind of help with my disorganized various groups of contacts. Thanks!

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