MultiCopy For Firefox Copies Multiple Snippets Of Text At Once

Firefox: If you’ve ever had to copy and paste parts of the same page into a new document, you know it can be annoying to copy once, paste, go back, copy again, paste and repeat the process several times when you should be able to do it all once. That’s where MultiCopy, an add-on for Firefox that copies and appends text to the clipboard instead of clearing it each time, comes in.

Once installed, just copy text from web pages in Firefox the way you normally would. Each time you copy something, it’s automatically appended to the clipboard, and when you finally paste, you’ll paste everything you’ve copied since the last paste operation. MultiCopy works best when you’re copy/pasting inside the browser, like from a web page into a Google Doc or comment field. When we tried it, it was a little buggy when pasting text outside the browser. At any time, you can right-click and clear MultiCopy’s clipboard to start over, or disable MultiCopy altogether if you only want it on at specific times. The extension is available now and works everywhere Firefox does.

MultiCopy [Mozilla Add-Ons via Addictive Tips]

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