Make Your Own QR Code Key Fob To Help Retrieve Lost Keys

Losing your keys can be a terrible experience and while the best plan of attack is to retrace your steps, blogger celtwolf wanted a little more insurance, so he created a QR code for his keychain with his phone number on it.

Using a simple URI scheme, he created the QR code so that anyone who scanned it would pull up info to send him a text message. Once generated, he etched acrylic on with a laser cutter, and filled the recessed areas with polymer clay and baked it. Obviously, you're hoping the finder knows what a QR code is, but you can just as easily create a similar system with your phone number on it. Just steer clear of using any phone number attached to your physical address.

A QR Code That Returns Your Keys [Pumping Station: One via Hack-A-Day]


    ...and this is better than writing a mobile number on your keys because?

      It's more awesome by a factor of 3.

      I'd be inclined to agree... Sure, as Jess said, it does have a certain level of coolness to it - but ultimely, it's more effort than just writing the number, and worse yet - if one of the many non-smart phone owners who aren't familiar with QR codes find it - they're not going to have any idea what to do with it.

    A possibly more secure and more useful thing would be for the QR code to be a url. When you visit the url it has your phone details, or if you prefer an email form. The cool thing is that you could not advertise the url anywhere else and track if anyone has hit the url, ie they've found your keys even if they didn't fill out the form. (and even trace their ip etc)

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