Make Your Own Mayo In 2 Minutes

Make Your Own Mayo In 2 Minutes
Mayonnaise is one of those foods that most people don’t think about too much about, but it’s surprisingly easy to make, easy to add flavour to, makes a huge difference in your sandwiches, and can be made in less then 2 minutes. Here’s how.

Over at Serious Eats, they show you how to use a whisk, some oil, some eggs, and some water. Traditionally, mayo can be difficult to make, but if you have a hand blender, the process is surprisingly easy. You still use the same ingredients (plus a little Dijon mustard in their recipe,) but the hand blender is the real secret weapon. By using it instead of spending a long time whisking egg yolks and drizzling in oil slowly, you wind up with delicious homemade mayo inside of two minutes.

One of the other great things about making your own mayonnaise is that you can season it with herbs, spices and other flavours yourself for a truly personal experience.

Have you ever made your own mayonnaise, or is this too much trouble for the occasional sandwich? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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