Make Pizza Cones For A Delicious, Portable Treat

Make Pizza Cones For A Delicious, Portable Treat

Pizza is delicious, even more so when you make it yourself. Now you can take that pizza on the go with these pizza cones — all you need to make them is your favourite standard pizza recipe and an aluminium drink can to form the cones. Fill with delicious toppings and bake. When you’re finished, you’ll have a fun and portable snack that’s perfect for picnics, game-day snacks or placating children.

Instructables user Mikeasaurus took an ordinary aluminium soft drink or beer can, cut off the top, and cut the top part of the can into vertical ribbons. Fold out those ribbons to make a conical shape out of the can, and then just wrap in your pizza dough, fill with your favourite pizza toppings, and toss in the oven.

Mikeasaurus walks you through the process of making a good pizza dough from scratch and starting there, but we imagine you could use a pre-made pizza dough (as long as it’s not pre-cooked) and your favourite toppings to get the same effect and save a little time (although nothing beats a good homemade pizza dough.) Eager to try this for yourself? Tried something similar and have something to say about the recipe? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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