Luma Video Recorder For iPhone Free For A Limited Time

If your mobile videos are plagued by shaky-cam action and you have a hard time holding your device still while you record, Luma Video Recorder is an app that can help. Luma does real-time image stabilisation to reduce the shakes and wobbles that make the people watching your videos nauseous.

Luma Video Recorder is the latest version of an app that used to be called SteadyLens, and it's free in the iTunes App Store for a limited time. The app features a full-screen viewfinder, uninhibited by tools or options, allows you to pinch an area on the screen to zoom in on it, and supports shooting video in both portrait and landscape modes. Like any good social app, Luma also lets you apply themed filters over your video if you want, including a black and white filter, a vignette filter and more.

Luma Video Recorder [iTunes App Store via Tested]


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