LessMeeting Helps You Lead Fewer, More Effective Meetings

LessMeeting Helps You Lead Fewer, More Effective Meetings

Regardless of whether you lead meetings or simply attend them, they can be productivity killers and time-wasters. LessMeeting is a new web service that wants to make it easier to organise meetings, build an agenda, and keep track of action items and discussion topics to send out after the meeting.

LessMeeting, much like other previously mentioned tools like Minutes.io and Meetin.gs, is designed to make it easier for meeting organisers to prepare for a meeting, give everyone the information they need to walk in and immediately be productive, and to manage a meeting by staying on topic and moving through their agenda. At the end of the meeting, LessMeeting will automatically send out notes, minutes and action items to the meeting attendees.

The service also integrates with Outlook and Outlook tasks so you can keep track of your meetings and to-dos in the desktop applications that you already use. It’s not ideal for personal use, but if your team meetings or department meetings are completely dysfunctional, LessMeeting may be able to help. The service is free to try for 30 days, but after that it’ll set you back $US12 per month per user (or less if your company or team buys licences for multiple users.)


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