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I doubt anyone’s surprised that details on the iPhone 4S attracted lots of readers, but would you have picked cheap cheeseburgers? Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. Australian Pricing For Apple iPhone 4S And New iPod Models
    Apple’s newly-announced iPhone 4S goes on sale October 14 in Australia (with pre-orders from October 8), along with new iPod Nano and Touch models. Here’s what you’ll pay.
  2. Only Telstra Has Fully Updated Its iPhone 4S Page
    Prior to yesterday’s iPhone 4S announcement, all three major local carriers had put up pre-order pages that were blatantly designed to attract potential new iPhone customers, even if they didn’t spell that out. Now we know what we’re getting, what has happened to these sites?
  3. Lifehacker Vs Gizmodo: Is It Worth Upgrading To The iPhone 4S?
    So the iPhone 4S has been announced, and the big question is: is it worth upgrading if you’re already an iPhone owner? Gizmodo’s editor Alex Kidman is an Apple enthusiast; Lifehacker’s editor Angus Kidman less so. But when it comes to this upgrade, they’re surprisingly in agreement on the main points.
  4. Upgrade To iOS 5 Right Now
    Even though iOS 5 won’t be released officially until October 13th, you can install the final version right now even if you’re not a developer. Thanks to some anonymous public postings of the software update files, you can update right now. Here’s how.
  5. What Australians Don’t Get With The iPhone 4S
    The iPhone 4S is the first iPhone that’s going to hit Australian shelves at the same time as the US. But despite that improvement, there are some aspects of the local market it won’t take advantage of.
  6. Top 10 Tech Concepts You Always Wanted To Learn About (But Never Did)
    We’re busy people, and even the most savvy of us sometimes just don’t have the time to learn about every odd and end in the tech world. Here are some of our favourite tech explainers on things you probably hear a lot about, but never really knew.
  7. Can You Make A Cheeseburger For $1?
    As part of its 40th anniversary in Australia, McDonald’s recently completed a promotion where it sold standard cheeseburgers for $1 for an hour every day. Judging by the queues every time I passed a Maccas over lunch, that promotion worked well — but could you replicate that pricing yourself? Lifehacker investigates.
  8. An Incredibly Simple Way To Escape From Wrist-Binding Zip Ties
    Hand cuffs are expensive, so zip ties are often used as a cheaper and fairly effective way of binding someone’s wrists. If you find yourself bound by the annoying plastic, here’s an easy way to break free.
  9. iPhone 4S Pre-Orders Start October 8 In Australia
    We’ve mentioned this before, but a reminder note for eager iPhone 4S would-be purchasers: while the Apple Australia site still says pre-orders will commence on October 7, the official word from Apple Australia was that October 8 is the date.
  10. Ask LH: Should I Use Premium Unleaded Fuel In My Car?
    Dear Lifehacker, My car recommends that I use premium unleaded fuel, but I’m curious as to how much I’d actually benefit — I’ve heard some people say it doesn’t actually matter. Is it really worth the cost, or are they just recommending premium to get me to spend more?

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