Keep Your Plants Healthier With Hard-Boiled Egg Water

If you don't have the greenest of thumbs and aren't the best at caring for your plants, you can give them a little help boost with the help of some eggs. As Instructables user kazmataz points out, the water left over after hard boiling eggs is great for greenery. Here's why.

Photo remixed from an original by Pakhnyushcha (Shutterstuck)

Eggshells contain a high amount of calcium, which plants love. Let your hard-boiled-egg water cool, and use it to water your plants. They'll thank you for it - especially your solanaceous garden plants (tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, etc.).

It's both a good way to keep your plants healthier and an excuse to hard boil some delicious eggs.

Eggstraordinary for Plants [Instructables]


    Ha. The water where I live has so much calcium in it that I've practically got stalagmites growing off every water-touching surface.

    Does it help the plants noticeably? Nope. Not even the tomatoes.

    What you have is not the same calcium as such but Limestone.... Calcium Carbonate I think (I had sex less than an hour ago so I am having trouble remembering). The Calcium in the Rotten Egg water is not in the same form and is easier for plants to absorb.

      objection your Honour, relevance?

        There is only one calcium.

        The calcium in eggshells is almost all in calcium carbonate.

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