Jetstar Now Offering SIMs For Overseas Travel

Jetstar Now Offering SIMs For Overseas Travel

Jetstar’s announced its very own SIM for travellers looking to keep their calling costs down as they gallivant between continents. As part of the launch, they’re offering the card for $19.25 (down from its $40.25 RRP), excluding $7 (?) for delivery.

The SIM itself is provided by Go-SIM, but as you can see from the picture above, it’s all Jetstar branding. I couldn’t find an end date for the launch offer, so if you’re keen you should check it out soon.

Here’s the list of features provided by the SIM:

  • Chat from 180 countries/territories
  • No charge for receiving unlimited incoming calls in over 70 countries
  • FREE to receive SMS/texts in all 180 countries
  • GPRS data available in over 135 countries/territories
  • No daily access charges or monthly fees
  • Calling, voice mail, SMS and data
  • Pre-paid and rechargeable – No contracts and no monthly or connection fees
  • Use in any unlocked GSM mobile handset
  • 24/7 customer support

The last two times I’ve been overseas, my roaming hasn’t worked despite harassing Vodafone for the privilege, so I know I’ll be looking to get a SIM like this next time I leave the country. If anyone’s had any experiences with Go-SIM, please leave a comment.

The link provided by Jetstar gave me a nasty red 404, so try the one below instead.

Jetstar Global SIM [Jetstar]


  • I looked into this before a two week trip to the US and Canada in July. My experience was that most ‘global’ sim cards are pretty useless in North America but not bad everywhere else – especially if you are a smartphone user with a hunger for 3G data. I ended up using Mr. Simcard and got an AT&T card with data (for iPhone) in the US, and a similar card from Fido in Canada. Both worked really well and were reasonably priced compared to paying hundreds or thousands of dollars a day roaming on Telstra.

  • Forget it if you’re looking to include data usage – it’s a ridiculous $10-$30 per Mb. This can be a trap if your phone sends/receives data automatically, syncs and updates for example. Turn off the data capability.

    • That’s odd, I tried it with and without the ‘www’ and got nothing. Though I reckon that might have been a caching issue. Thanks for letting me know.

  • Having been heavily burnt by OS calling/sms/data costs in the past, and learning my lesson, I now try to rely on finding WiFi and using Skype on iPhone to make voice calls. And WiFi to send email or FB/Twitter messages. And SMS as last resort, being the lesser of the evils when you just need to send/receive a msg quickly.

  • wait… people don’t just pick up a pre paid sim when they land in a country? By far the cheapest option! Then just use Gtalk to message people back home instead of SMS…

  • $15,000 a gig in Malaysia (for GPRS only!). $25,000/gig in Thailand.
    In both Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok you can walk in to a 7-11 and buy a gig for around $15 or unlimited for around $50. That’s Australian dollars, not thousands of dollars 🙂

  • @James This isn’t possible/viable in some places. If I remember correctly, in Japan you cannot buy/sign up for any kind of mobile service (apart from phone rental) without out an alien registration card.

    Also in South Korea, only phones that are specifically certified by their telecommunications body will work on their mobile networks with a local SIM. This means that if you have a phone that has not been released or otherwise certified in SK, the only way you’ll get it to work on their networks is via roaming.

  • Just came across a company called Mobi Passport ( They offer local prepaid SIMs for a range of countries. Worth checking out.

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