iPhone 4S Pre-Orders Start October 8 In Australia

We've mentioned this before, but a reminder note for eager iPhone 4S would-be purchasers: while the Apple Australia site still says pre-orders will commence on October 7, the official word from Apple Australia was that October 8 is the date. Update: Now it has changed to 6pm on the 7th.

No time specified, so you might want to double-check from 4pm today, which is when October 7 kicks off on the US — especially given the reader comment below about a potential late afternoon update. (Even then, there's no guarantee of a midnight launch or that Apple won't wait a little to update the local store.)


    Thanks for the info LH have been refreshing the Aussie Apple store all morning....... You think they would update to be more clearer about the launch time. Oh well, one more day wont hurt! R.I.P Steve

    I just called up Apple ( on 133622 ) and they said between 6 and 8pm today, Friday 7 Oct. Basically it's after midnight Oct 7 Cupertino time.

    Do you think it will be first in, best chance scenario?
    As in if I am one the first to preorder, I will be one of the first to have my iPhone shipped?
    Or it will make no difference if I order now or on the 13th?
    If the latter is the case, would I be better at chancing a visit to a store?

    I emailed Apple and very specifically asked if it would be 8th of October here in Australia. The exact response I got was: "Pre-orders will be made available some time on 7 October."

    12.01am Pacific daylight time = 6.01pm Eastern daylight time.

    12:00AM West Coast i.e California = 3:00AM East Coast

    12.01am Pacific daylight time = 6.01pm Eastern daylight time i.e. New South Wales

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