iOS 5 Set For Release On October 12th

Apple has finally committed to a release date for the next version of its mobile OS. iOS 5 will be released on October 12th (US time, which likely translates to early morning October 13th for Australians).

If you can't wait eight more days and don't have a developer account, get iOS 5's best features right now (jailbreaking often required). But the wait won't be that long. iOS 5 will be officially available next week, and hopefully developers will see a golden master release even sooner.


    i think this is the real news of the day. I just can't see many people being too excited about the 4s

      I'm excited, this will be a huge upgrade from my 3gs.
      I also believe people will see that this was Steve Jobs last physical sign-off on a product.

        I totally agree with you, I'm excited for the new camera as well as the new iOS. I've had this 3GS for two years now, and it feels good to get a direct upgrade on the same plan

      Oh is that why the preorders of the iPhone 4s have exceeded the preorders for iPhone 4 just before launch ??

    Is this coming for the iPad the same day or do we have to wait for it?

      Yes it is also for the iPad and any other compatible devices :)

    I wonder if iOS 5 will be available for 3GS phones.

      Yes, iOS 5 will work on iPhone 3GS.

    Ya but Siri won't be available for all iPhones just 4s

      iPhone 4S unfortunately is the only Siri compatible device. iOS 5 is compatible with:
      -iPod Touch 3rd gen & 4th gen
      -iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S
      -iPad 1 & iPad2
      Release, early hours of 13/10/11 morning

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