iiNet Starts Selling Android Phones

iiNet has had SIM-only plans for quite a while, but now it has started selling Android handsets for business customers. There's a choice of three phones on offer: the Samsung Galaxy S II and the original Galaxy S, plus the Alcatel OT990.

If you sign up for a 24-month plan, the S II has a hefty $30 a month handset charge, the S is $20 a month and the Alcatel is $8 a month. The phones are also offered as outright buys, at $720, $480 and $192. We don't normally focus on business-only plans here at Lifehacker, but seeing a major ISP move into phone sales seemed worth pointing out. Tempted?



    I'm afraid I don't follow.

    So, are these handsets only, or is this part of a plan? If it includes network access, who's the carrier? Surely iiNet don't have a mobile network.


      Ahh, but they do. If you read the article, you would know this. I've been on their $20 plan for a few months now and haven't had any problems.

      They use Optus' network.

        Hmm, Optus, I'm not sure yet. Better get my ten foot barge pole and find out.

    How is 30 a month for an s2 a deal!? I can buy it cheaper outright? Isn't the idea to incentivize people to lock in a 2 year contract?

    Without any sort of subsidized handset good luck locking me in for 24 months.

      Handsets cost money. Even Optus and Telstra have to cover the same value. Their plans just cost more, which means handset rental per month can be lower.

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