iCloud Upgrade Pricing: How Does It Compare?

iOS 5 goes on general release in Australia on October 13 next week, and if the 5GB of free storage Apple offers for its iCloud service isn't enough for you, you can pay for upgrades. What are the Australian charges and how do they compare to similar services?

Direct from Apple's local press release, here's the official word on pricing:

Additional iCloud storage upgrades are available to purchase starting at AUD$21 inc. GST a year for 10GB, AUD$42 inc. GST a year for 20GB and AUD$105 inc. GST a year for 50GB.

Note that the 5GB is for mail, documents and general backup; per Apple, "purchased music, TV shows, apps, books and Photo Stream do not count against the storage limit", so you don't have to panic in storage terms about photos syncing between devices (3G allowances might be another matter). And if you do have large amounts of data to move between iDevices, those prices aren't too bad.

By way of a speedy comparison, Dropbox charges $US99 a year for 50GB; Google charges $US100 for 400GB. We're well aware that none of these services do exactly the same thing (and all have different rules about what "counts" as used storage), but in terms of raw storage capacity per dollar, the rates are much the same for Dropbox and Apple; Google is still a lot cheaper overall.


    Just a quick iCloud related question...

    I have 5 different devices set up under the one iTunes account...
    If I synch with, say, my personal iPhone, will my other family members have full access to anything I've synched? Or can each device have a separate iCloud?

    It matters for multiple reasons; there's a lot of stuff I don't want my family seeing that I might want synched, and I also don't want my personal stuff synched to my iPad, which I use for mostly work.

    Any thoughts and knowledge would be greatly appreciated.

      I'm wondering this also. At work we have 15 iPhones hooked up to one mobileme account just for the 'find my iphone' feature. our users will want to use the fancy sync features, but this will only work if:

      a) We can set up user accounts under control of an 'admin' account. This is unlikely.
      b) A phone can link to multiple icloud accounts, allowing us to set up one for 'find my iphone' and document sharing and a second for the rest of their use.

      If neither of those is the case, we'll have to buy some third-party Mobile Device Management software and lock the phones down far more than at present.

      Hi guys,

      For Timoo, iCloud would apply to all devices linked with the iTunes account. You could use separate iTunes accounts for other family members and your iPad but then they would not be able to sync with any future updates you get with your devices. I guess this would not be what you want.

      I heard that you could turn on and off the automatic download features for apps, books, etc. I am not sure if you could turn on and off the photos though. I am not sure which feature you do not want to share, but my advice would be that it is best to leave any personal data on the computer and not on your iPhone.

    only 5GB???

    i get 25GB with Microsoft Live, and it integrates seamlessly into my WP7 mango phone, Apple seems to be playing catchup here again, but i dont mind.

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