HP TouchPad Updated

It's good to see that although HP killed the TouchPad that it's not totally abandoned. An over-the-air update was released this week that tweaks performance, Bluetooth pairing and other bits and pieces.

If you scored a TouchPad at either bargain basement highly inflated "I hope it's collectable" eBay prices then this week's 3.0.4 firmware update is a must. It gives performance a much-need boost as well as interface improvements with Bluetooth pairing and improved video-calling.

It's worth noting that although HP killed the TouchPad device, there's an enthusiastic developer community creating apps and OS improvements in parallel. You'll need to enter Developer mode to install these other apps but that is super easy. Just search for "20090606" from the main screen, tap the "Developer Mode" icon that appear on the screen and follow the steps. It takes about a minute to do.

ZDNet has published a blog entry describing how to get your hands on some of the homebrew apps that are around.

How to improve the performance of your new HP TouchPad [ZDNet]


    Great to hear. Touchpad is such a great device.

    Its a decent little tablet with great specs. After disabling logging and a few bits an pieces, the tablet is a pleasure to use. Its just a pity the browser sucks, and text entry is pain.

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