How To Set Up Wi-Fi Sync In iOS 5

You've got iOS 5 and you're excited to start syncing over Wi-Fi instead of a cable. Here's the very simple setup process to get your iDevice syncing over the air.

To get set up, watch the video above or just follow these steps:

  1. Make sure iTunes is running on one of your computers and you've synced your device with this computer at least once since upgrading to iOS 5.
  2. Open up the Settings app on your device's home screen.
  3. Tap the General tab.
  4. Tap the iTunes Wi-Fi Sync tab.
  5. Choose the computer you want to sync with.
  6. Plug in your device to power. (Yes, this sucks and almost negates the purpose of wireless sync.)
  7. Tap the Sync Now button.

That's it! Once you've synchronised wirelessly, it should happen automatically whenever you connect your device to power. Want to learn how to set up other neat wireless features in iOS 5? Check out our other how-to guides.


    Your i device does not have to be plugged in to the electricity to sync. I have found that I can always do a manual sync by going into the idevice settings and when the idevice is plugged into electricity like when it is in my clock dock beside my bed it will sync automatically.

    I haven't checked yet but you have to have a charger connected not a cable. Subtle difference. So you could and probably would automatically sync if you had an extended battery or case with battery on your iPhone while that battery was charging the phone.

    When are the apple heads going to realise that "over the air" does not mean wifi?

    "over the air" refers to software updates being delivered without wires, be it over a cellular data network or wifi.

    wifi sync is entirely a different thing and refers to your personal content sync with your computer.

    In short, iTunes should have nothing to do with your iDevice doing software updates over the air.

    ummm... you forgot one VERY important thing: you need to turn the option on IN itunes - check the 'sync with this iphone over wifi' option.

    much frustration was had until i figured this out.

    I was able to sync without connecting my iPhone to power when initiating the sync from iTunes...

    Ignored all my apps placement in folder and just strewed them across 6 screens in no particular order,

      I had that the last time I updated, but going to iOS 5 now it remembered everything, it was a nice surprise :P

    Wifi sync is great!
    Doens't need to be pluged in to a power socket or anything!

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