How Long Will My Coffee Last? Calculates When You'll Need To Order Your Next Batch Of Beans

"How Long Will My Coffee Last?" is a simple web-based calculator that tells you when you'll need to buy your next bag of beans (or how much coffee you should buy).

Handy for your office or home, the self-explanatory web app asks how many people are sharing your coffee, how many cups each person has per day, how many scoops per cup, grams per scoop and so on to quickly arrive at your coffee consumption needs. It's nothing you couldn't do in a spreadsheet or on a piece of paper, but now you can do it with this simple web app.

Now to get a better handle on what all that caffeine is doing to your brain.

How Long Will My Coffee Last


    another sign that devolution is happening

    This is only works for instant coffee, as the oils in roasted beans tend to go rancid about 7 days from roasting.
    But... I suppose by that measure all supermarket beans are off.

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