How Is Siri Coping With Your Australian Accent?

By now, the first early buyers should have their iPhone 4S and have had a chance to play around with Siri, the impressive-sounding voice command system which (for now) is only on the 4S. Siri is said to be ready for Australian accents and vocabulary right out of the box, but how well is it actually working? We want to hear your stories.

My own experience with voice recognition has suggested that Australian accents often pose a major challenge, so I'd like to know how well Siri is coping with this in practice, and how well it deals with the queries you've thrown at it and general dictation tasks. Share your experience in the comments.


    Everytime I say "bloody chunder" I get the worst kind of results!

    I'd be particularly interested in stories where users say some Aussie colloquialisms and place/company names. Maybe:
    "Where can I buy a roast chook?"
    "What time is the footy on TV?"
    "How do I get to Wahroonga from Parramatta?"
    "Where's the nearest ANZ ATM?"

      oh yes, i wonder if it knows about 'Wagga'

      Real people on telephones have problems with Wahroonga....

        Yeah, they keep getting run over by the drunken soccer mums in their 4WD's.

    From The Age:
    10.52am: Fairfax deputy technology editor Ben Grubb's initial impression of the "personal assistant" voice recognition app Siri is that it is pretty cool. It appears to understand his and other Australian accents in the office quite well but does sometimes get phrases wrong. Ben found that if you enunciated words more than usual it tended to work better. When he asked it when the Sydney Harbour Bridge was built it gave him the completion year - 1932. But when he asked it where to find a local pub, it said it could only do that type of searching in the US. It did this with all local business searches he tried. This is hugely disappointing if the app can't be used for searching for things nearby in Australia, especially since Siri makes use of the iPhone 4S GPS.

    Read more:

      It is currently using Yelp for business data ... Yelp will be launching in Australia pretty soon .. so hopefully this will be rectified.

        Yes. Sensis is working on that project by clubbing with yellow pages.

        It was included in parentheses during the launch presentation that location based searching would only be available in the US initially.

    "where can i get a ripper sanga?"

    "Mateee your dreamin!!!!"

    We have a person with one of these in our office and to be perfectly honest, Siri is completely useless for her. She is from the UK but with some Australian words and the recognition software is completely incapable of understanding her.

    Have been using voice software on my android phone for the last 3 weeks. And have had it running seamlessly. No more typing addresses in navigator, the voice to text for sms is sweet, and the ability to search on google just via voice is great. Not sure why Apple would have problems with Aussie accent, as my android phone works extremely well.

    I picked up my iPhone 4S from an Optus store this morning an Siri does not appear to be on it. Only the old voice control system is running, is there some "magic" way I'm meant to start it?

      You have to activate it in settings first as it is in beta stage only.

      talk louder.

      Yep, you have to switch Siri on in settings.

      Thanks heaps, lol

        .why do you LOL, they weren't doing a comedy routine..

          probably at the 'talk louder' comment.

            Maybe he wasn't laughing...

            LOL = Lots of love! I'll leave that version alone...

            LOL = Little old lady!

            LOL = What you might say in stead of "Doh" when you find out the simple solution to a what was perceived as a difficult problem, because you are laughing at yourself! Otherwise known as self-deprecation.

            And the urban dictionary defines its as:

            "[LOL] is overused to the point where nobody laughs out loud when they say it. In fact, they probably don't even give a shit about what you just wrote. More accurately, the acronym "lol" should be redefined as "Lack of laughter."

            Take your pick!

              Should have replieed to Andrew not Titanium.0 LOL.

              Self deprecation is Ah Ha, whereas LOL is Ha Ha.

    Using the new iphone 4S now. It seems as though most of its more useful functions are US based only. Eg. Where is the nearest ATM/ the response was , sorry i can only access US only services.

    My siri is asking for Tom Cruise..

    Have so far:

    1 Created reminders

    2 Sent a few text messages

    3 Setup a calendar appointment

    It's pretty good....occasionally something I've said too quickly gets muddled so the tip about PRO-NOUNC-IATING things a little slower and clearer is good...

    Overall though it's pretty close to the mark,,,,,,and apparently will learn as it goes so ask me again in a month!!

      see adam's post above. Can you please try those phrases?

    Apparently local business search (Yelp) will be available in other countries next year.

    Me: Good morning siri!
    Siri: Hello Charlie. It's already 4.20pm by the way.


      For some reason I'm imagining "Charlie's Angels" here :D

    Was playing with Siri last night on a couple of friends phones. Is amusing, like asking it to tell a joke over and over, or asking it to talk dirty. The responses are amusing.

    But the actual function/recognition/application is the same as (or slightly worse than) what my WP7 Mango phone does.

    Eg: If I say "Fish & Chips Frankston" WP7 will show a list of all the fish and chip shops in frankston, with maps, images, ratings, etc.
    Siri just gives that 'outside US' message.

    Siri can entrer calender appointments, WP7 can only open the calender with voice, then have to enter appointments manually.

    Siri's voice recognition and response is definitely faster though.

    Also, myself and my friend were standing next to each other and both gave the same search command.
    Siri came back with 'outside US'.
    WP7 said "Network currently not available".
    We are both with Bigpond. . .

    Later in the night on WP7 I tried "Strippers in Melbourne City".
    Phoen told me there is no such contact in my contact list.

      And I should say. . .
      When I said "Siri is slightly worse than WP7" Im mainly refering to its location based search results and being outside of US.
      As Ive read from some of you it should be localised soon. . . heres hoping. . . heres hoping Australia doesnt get shafted and entirely miss out.

    Actually it appears we can't get directions from Siri in aus

    Siri has been hilarious. She can get simple things, but a "What time is it?" broke me up. Apparently she doesn't know what time it is in my named street. Knows where I am but doesn't know the time? She cannot recognise my daughter's name and thinks a G is a D (and I speak clearly), so I forever have to say, "my daughter". She cannot get foreign names at all - too bad for multicultural Australia. It's still faster to type that to faff around with (still no arrow keys) correcting her dictation mistakes. Yes, she is useful for getting info from Wolfram Alpha, if she can understand what you're asking for. But I tired to send a message to a friend with a difficult name for 20 minutes in the car today. Nice try, but no cigar. What she kept coming up with was funnier than fractured fairytales! Good thing I really needed a new phone, but could have got an iPhone 4 a darn sight cheaper!

      Sue I cant believe anyone would actually think Siri would work so effortlessly. The concept is futuristic, but so is the technology.

    Just picked up my 4S yesterday.

    It is absolutely not perfect. But it is entertaining. Sending text messages isn't too bad. Or asking it to call someone.

    Ask her "Where can I bury a dead body"

    Many lols were had.

    Ive found it pretty good except for the some things. Like I was trying to say banana and it just wouldn't get it but when I said ba-ner-ner in an American accent it Got i

    I am Australian and Siri is crap!! It does not recognize any businesses in Australia and does not recognize literally 95% of the things I say to it... I had the 4 and it is pretty much the same. If ur aussy, have a 4 and want to upgrade to the 4s, DON'T BOTHER..

    f*uck apple and f*ck australia

    i only found out AFTER i bought the iphone 4s, alot of stuff is blocked from siris abilities

    * can't find locations or restaurants like the U.S version
    * siri needs the internet so slow internet sh*t siri speed
    * only 512 ram not 1gb
    *only 720p recording when samsung galaxy does 1080p


    Just return the phone. What about doing some basic research before buying?

    Siri works well for me quite often, but today "German" came back as jessamine, gentlemen, jemond & Gemini. I got a little frustrated. I swore at it and the only word in the sentence it got right was "f***ing" (interestingly spelt without stars) Finally I put on an American accent. German came up straight away. That was annoying.

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