Hide iOS 5's Newsstand App In A Folder With This Trick

If you don't like the Newsstand app in iOS 5 and want to hide it, you'll realise you can't just put it into a folder like a normal app. With a bit of quick swiping, though, you can.

I usually put a folder on the last screen of my iPad with all the apps I don't use in it — like Safari, Videos, Game Center and so on. I'd throw Newsstand in there too, but it doesn't work like a normal app, and won't let you put it in a folder. Luckily, you can still hide it away with a little trick, as long as you don't want to actually use the app.

Just drag two apps together to create a folder, and as soon as the folder pops up, drag Newsstand into it. It may take one or two tries before you get it, but it'll work. Once Newsstand shows up in the folder, you can continue cultivating the folder as you see fit. Don't try to run Newsstand while it's in the folder, though, as it'll crash iOS' home screen, which isn't fun. Why Apple would force you to keep Newsstand on the home screen is beyond me (though it's still beyond me that they won't let you remove pre-installed apps), but at least this trick can get some of us by. Hit the link to read more.

HOW TO: Put Newsstand In A Folder On iOS 5 [Without Jailbreaking] [The Coding Massacre via TUAW]


    Took some fiddling to do this. I found I had to drag three icons (incl Newsstand) onto a blank screen to do it. I notice Newsstand won't even draw a little icon to show it's in the folder.

    And yes, running it did crash the screen.

    You don't use Safari?

    See as newsstand is less an app and more a special folder it isn't that surprising that you can't put it in a folder, much like you can't put other folders in a folder. I've had newsstand hidden this way since day one, but I'm hopIng that apple adds the ability to switch it off in settings or hide it unless you have magazines in it in a later update

    This trick has actually caused iOS to crash/reboot to lock screen on me after trying to run Newstand. After the reboot I found Newstand outside of the folder again! I don't think this is a good tip.

    Ah Whitson reposting articles posted long ago, stay classy.

    The article is misleading: Apple *doesn't* force you to keep Newstand on the home screen at all. (If by "home screen" you mean the first app screen, the one you're taken to when you push the home button.)

    I quickly discovered that I couldn't put Newstand in the folder I have for all the default Apple apps that I don't use and can't delete. But this folder is on my last screen, and Newstand simply sits next to it. As long as we are allowed to move Newstand to a screen we never visit, is it that important that it can't be put inside a folder?

    To Angela. Homescreen usually refers to any or all of the pages.

    Also curious as to what browser author uses.

    Since the author hasn't replied yet.

    I use Atomic Web. A lot better than Safari.

    There's a free version if you want to try it first.


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