Google Docs Now Lets You Comment Without Editing

Shared editing is one of Google Docs' more useful features, but sometimes you want to get comments from people without actually changing your master document. Docs now supports a "comment only" editing mode which makes that possible.

To enable the option, click the Share button, add a user and then choose 'Click comment' as their editing option. It's also available for Google Apps users, with additional tweaks for editing by members of your company.

[via Google Docs Blog]


    Have used this with great success when collaborating with the Community Manager from UserVoice.

    He was writing up our story, but wanted to confirm with us first, so he enabled comments and shared it to us. We gave one or two notes of feedback, then it went live.

    Best part: You're notified by email when a comment is marked "Done", so I could jump in and review the changes as he made them - beautiful :)

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