Get Your External IP Address With A Quick Search For 'IP'

Need to get your network's external IP address on the quick — say for a quick round of port forwarding testing? You could head to your router's admin page, but that's kind of a hassle. You could point your browser to a single-purpose website like Or, even better, you can just search for IP. If you're using Google or DuckDuckGo, those search engines will return your IP address above their top result. Handy!

For more IP details, see our guide to how to find your local and external IP addresses, or if you're wondering when and why you'd ever need to do this, check out our guide to accessing your home computers from anywhere.

[via Hacker News]


    This doesn't work with Google AU..You need to go to to do this. That kind of sucks.

      Yup....a waist of time for Aussies! again Google

      DuckDuckGo works

      We have to type a bit more.
      Search "what's my ip" has always been my favourite. works well with wget scripts - I have a cron job that adds a google calendar reminder whenever my dynamic IP changes :)

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