Fuel Economical Car Tech To Watch Out For

Fuel Economical Car Tech To Watch Out For

While the focus might be on getting the most out of the latest and greatest hybrid cars, rest assured that there are plenty of engineers out there doing their best to make our fossil-fuelled stalwarts go further while producing less carbon.

A slideshow over at CNET AU canvasses the top fuel-saving and carbon-reducing technologies that have made their way into our petrol-powered vehicles (or will in the future, once they become viable). It looks at a few recent ones, including de-acceleration fuel shut-off:

In their quest for fuel efficiency, car makers look to every part of the drive cycle to determine where they can make gains. A recent innovation is shutting off the fuel flow to the cylinder when the car is decelerating. Cars traditionally have gone to idle speed when you take your foot off the gas, still feeding fuel to the cylinders to keep the engine turning. But if the car is moving at sufficient speed, its own momentum can keep the engine turning.

The article states Ford only started using the technology a few years back, while other manufacturers, such as GM, are looking to incorporate it in newer models.

If you’re planning to buy a non-hybrid, it might pay to keep an eye out for these features.

Top fuel-saving tech, without going hybrid [CNET]


  • So the list is:
    – Direct Injection
    – Turbo-charging
    – Deceleration fuel shut-off
    – Cylinder deactivation
    – Idle-stop or automatic stop-start
    – Brake energy regeneration
    – Lock-up clutch for automatic transmissions
    – Dual-clutch transmission
    – Continuously variable transmission (CVT)
    – Electric power steering
    – Electric air conditioning

    … almost all of which have been around in one form or another for the last few years, meaning none of these are truly novel innovations. And not all would be useful on a single car together.

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