Fring Offers Unlimited Worldwide Calls for $7/Month

If you need to make lots of international calls, Fring may be worth a look as they're offering a sweet deal on their fringOut service.

You'll need an account and to install their software either to your computer, smartphone or tablet but $7 per month looks to be good value. Once you have the software, you can sign up for the offer by clicking the fringOut icon in the app.

The list of countries the offer applies for is on the fring site.


    And Australia has the Austrian Flag icon :D perhaps it's due to that figurine of Julia Gillard in the Austrian outfit from the G20 summit!

    Pretty sure they don't have software for PC actually only mobile plateforms.. happy to be corrected, and happy to give skype competition..

    I tried using Fring for a bit when I was looking into a way to make cheaper calls, but unfortunately I found the service to be pretty horrible, even on WiFi (long time to connect, horrible quality, and 2 to 3 second lag.) Skype was much better in comparison, so it's definitely possible to get reasonable quality, but Fring was exceptionally bad.

    Unfortunately india not included!!!!

    Not surprised, Fring has always been dreadful for me. As in really, really, really bad.

    do not want. they don't have my home planet on the calling plan.

    Lifehacker needs to fix this headline. Fring is not even remotely "worldwide".

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