Freeze Candles To Make Them Last Twice As Long

Freeze Candles To Make Them Last Twice As Long

If you burn a lot of candles, you probably find yourself buying new ones pretty often, not to mention cleaning melted wax out of the bowls. Here’s a trick that’ll make them last nearly twice as long.

Image: Lars Christopher Nøttaasen.

Home-centric weblog Apartment Therapy explains:

Candles will last longer (almost 2X), if they are placed in the freezer for a day before using them. Chilling the wax gives it a bit longer before burning through and leaving you with an empty jar. For some candles this will also cause them to drip less and burn straight down without burning through the side of the candle.

In addition, they mention, you can even throw them in the freezer after you’ve used them to make cleaning up that residual wax super easy! Hit the link to read more.

Quick Tip: Chill Candles to Make Them Last Longer [Apartment Therapy

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  • well ofcourse they will burn slower, as the wax needs to be turned into a gaseous state before it actually combusts. Cooling the wax removes internal energy and thus it requires more to melt/vaporize. the thermal resistivity of solid wax probably helps prevent the heat spreading further out through the candle as well.

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