Fix A Broken Oven Door

Fix A Broken Oven Door

Lifehacker reader Rowan shares an awesome tip for fixing a broken oven door.

Got an oven door with the hinge broken? It’s a very common problem with older appliances (my Westinghouse one is so old the model is actually called an “Email”) and you’d be surprised how many people I see with theirs held up with string. Anyway it can be a very expensive fix unless you just buy some neodymium magnets, glue some to the inside and some to the door and voila, no more string. Hope this helps someone like it just helped me!

Thanks Rowan


  • I have the same model! It’s so old the temperature controls are in Fahrenheit.

    Its door is badly knackered, but since I’m in a fairly-short-term rental, I’m not able to do a proper fix, either with magnets or actually fixing the hinges.

    Instead, I got an occy strap – the elasticated nature of it creates a better seal than string, and looks a bit less scruffy. I even got a red one to match the 40s marbled laminex benchtops…

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